Things That Happened Today

estimated read time: 1 minute

In case you’re curious what I’ve been up to today:

I accidentally ordered and consumed 1/4 of a skinny vanilla latte before I remembered that I’ve quit caffeine cold turkey.

I learned someone nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I came across this hysterical-sad video of Jesus quoting presidential candidates.

I had a piece published on Church Marketing Sucks, and I submitted revisions for my upcoming book about church communications. (No, I’m not working for the church again. But, apparently, church comm is coursing through my veins at this point, and resistence is futile.)

I made the mistake of reading up on the latest Iowa Caucus drama. I’ll save you some time and distill it for you: Grown people are stomping their feet, saying, “That was rigged!” (I’m not saying it wasn’t.)

I discovered, because they’re listed among trending Twitter topics, that today is National Signing Day for soon-to-be college athletes and Uber changed its logo. We are a distracted people.

I read this horrifying article about the Flint, Michigan water crisis and thought, for the 124th time, Here? In one of the richest countries in the world? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I started to feel anxious about the Zika virus. (Not for me. For other mommas.)

I started taking a Vitamin D supplement and 5-HTP. I’m hopeful this will put an end to my recent binge eating episodes. Also, I considered (am still considering) joining a climbing gym—which is attached to a bucket list item.

I tried on several dresses for my volunteer gig at  Doorways’ charity gala on Saturday. I laughed out loud at a couple of them. I bought nothing.

This didn’t happen today, but I keep forgetting to ask you: What’s the deal with this egg, do you suppose?

What's wrong with this egg?