OK, Enough of That Nonsense

So, you guys: I have an explanation for why I’ve been sharing such embarrassing things on my blog for the past two days. I’m officially coming down with something, and, apparently, virus molecules (or whatever they are) have clogged my (already quite ineffective) Filter for Determining Appropriate Blog Topics.

I am mortified—mortified—by some of the things I’ve confessed. So I’m going to try to make up for it tonight by sharing some of my better qualities. This, I realize, is also called bragging. I think that’s only fair, since I’ve surely made you feel a whole lot better about yourself over the past 48 hours.

So here are some not-so-awful things about me (OMG this blog is so self-serving. Please bear with me.):

  1. Sometimes, I write pretty well. Or is it good? (Well, I blew that one, didn’t I?)
  2. I once rescued a duck that had been ensnared by fishing line. I named him Salt and set him up in my backyard with a little kiddie pool. He didn’t stick around long, and I’m not sure what made me think he would… given there was an actual lake in my backyard. 
  3. Jack and I hit a deer on the way to Raleigh last summer, and I sobbed for miles and miles. I can’t stand the thought of animals suffering. 
  4. I gave my favorite winter coat to a deaf homeless woman a few years ago. And I’m only slightly bitter about it.
  5. I used to be able to sing pretty well (good?). I got a lot of solos in high school choir, and I even made final call-backs for a lead in one of our musicals. (I’m really reaching here. Can you tell?)
  6. I make a perfect Jameson cocktail and a damn fine cranberry mule. I also know how to pick a great red wine. (Eye-level shelf at Target, fourth box from the left.)
  7. Jack and I give away at least 10% of our gross income to charitable organizations every year. I’m always on the hunt for organizations doing good work in the world, so please share your favorites. So far this year, we’ve supported: Bridge Bread, HomeFirst STL (currently working on a new website for this one!), Justice Rising, Soles4Souls, Ali Forney Center, Well Aware, Homeboy Industries, Doorways, The Trevor Project, Arthritis Foundation, Equal Justice Initiative, Joy FM (that was Jack’s idea), St. Louis Public Radio (and that was mine), Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps, and the International Dark Sky Association.
  8. I have ninja-level intuition. 
  9. I love to give random gifts, but I generally don’t because I’m afraid it’ll come across as weird or I’ll pick something the person already owns or I’ll choose something they have no interest in having. If we’re friends, there’s a good chance you’ve allllllmost received a surprise package from me. You’re welcome!
  10. I talk to small children like they’re adults. Without the swearing.
  11. Our bathroom isn’t nearly as gross as you’re imagining it after yesterday’s post. Truly.

OK, sleep is good for colds I hear, so off I go. (I promise these posts will get less me-centered and more interesting eventually.) (Hopefully.)


  1. Teresa   •  

    Kelley, you crack me up and I adore you and your honesty. I love and know several of your organizations listed. Thank you for being so generous. Wow.
    Another I have discovered and support is “Bravely” which provides safe housing and well-rounded support to help women (who have been rescued from sex trafficking) get on their feet… I think 7 women live in the same home along with a full-time staff. There’s sisterhood and the success stories are amazing. One phrase they use on merchandise is “Love is Badass” which is of course badass. 😉
    “Yes” to getting together sometime!

    • Kelley   •     Author

      I forgot all about Bravely! They do such great work, and their shirts are, well, badass. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Barbie!   •  

    Your blogs, *all* of them, are interesting because of the fun way you write! I enjoy each of them 😊

    • Kelley   •     Author

      Thank you, Barbie! I appreciate you reading my stuff!

  3. Cindy   •  

    When I hit a milestone birthday last year, I thought about what my best gift had been so far and kept landing on what was not actually a birthday gift. My dad paid for both my sister and I to go to college. I didn’t have significant scholarships, we never even discussed applying for them. I don’t know how/how long he saved or if he financed, I just know I was never burdened by how it would be paid for nor the crushing student loan debt my peers were challenged with. And don’t think we were wealthy (or if we were, we for sure did not live that way). I grew up in a 1100 sq ft ranch in Florissant, we almost never ate our, my dads signature white truck had rust craters he spray painted white. (OK maybe I get how some of those funds were saved). I will never not be the most grateful for that.
    Later, my employer at the time paid the very large bulk of my Master’s degree. No kidding, I paid like $500 total.
    That was a very long explanation for I made a birthday contribution last year to College Bound STL.

    • Kelley   •     Author

      I love this, Cindy. Thanks for sharing.

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