Day Plus Two

Since we’re basically in wait-and-see mode, I likely won’t post every day. Soooo, assume no news is good news. Or, at the very least, not overly concerning news. In fact, just now the nurse said, “Well? I guess I could get some vitals on you or somethin’.” The way I see it, if Amy has to think hard to come up with something to do for Dad, he’s doing jussssst fine.

Day Plus One (yesterday) brought just a couple of minor hiccups—low grade fever, nagging headache, and aggravation of a completely unrelated-to-CMML issue. But by the end of the night, everything got resolved, and when I texted Dad this morning to ask how he was doing, his response was, “Grreeeeat!”

To those of you who’ve been praying or meditating or sending good juju into the universe, thank you. And don’t quit, okay? It’s working.