Day Minus Three

This morning, two doctors and a couple of nurses told Dad that yesterday was the worst of it. Dad wasn’t buying it at all, and I was only cautiously optimistic. I don’t know why we doubted what they were saying; these people simply don’t engage in sugar-coating. If it’s going to suck, they say so. So when they say, “Today will be better,” we should know they mean it.

And it totally was. And not just a little bit better either. Dad had zero negative reaction to the Thymo today. None. (Okay, that’s not exactly true; his BP and heart rate dipped fairly dramatically, but not to the point of requiring any corrective action.) By this evening, he felt well enough to walk a mile around the floor and enjoy a big bowl of soup and crackers. Our bodies are remarkable.

That’s all I have for tonight, y’all. And it’s more than enough, isn’t it?