Day Minus Five

Random Thought 1: Since Facebook became a Thing, I’ve had loads of friends post about all manner of health (and other) struggles. I need to confess that I’ve not always given my complete attention to those posts. So many of them have big words and long explanations, and besides, I’m rather easily overwhelmed by others’ suffering. And now, hello, I’m posting the same sorts of updates. I’m humbled and deeply grateful for your willingness to keep up with me. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to dump all this into the universe and receive waves of well-wishes in return. Thank you.

Random Thought 2: One of the more unsettling things about having a family member with cancer is this: Nothing else stops. That’s not “bad,” exactly; it just is. There are still events to attend and bills to pay and pets to care for and laundry to do and work that beckons and torrential rainstorms that make traveling ill-advised and on and on and on.

All that to say, I didn’t spend any time with Dad today. Which is why I have only one photo to share with you tonight, and that’s of my youngest “brother,” Duncan. I’m serving as his surrogate lap during Dad’s treatment, and this is his, “G’morning, but why are you in the Colonel’s chair?” face:

Anyway, all reports are still positive. Tomorrow (technically today) is Day Minus Four, which means Dad earns an additional type of chemo. His attitude is iron-clad. Please send good vibes that his digestive system remains so.