I’m a Blogger Who Does Not Blog

estimated read time: 1 minute

Oh my gosh, you guys, I’m a blogger who, apparently, does not blog. But I can’t not write today, so here are four things I have to say:

I left my church job nine months ago, and I’ve not yet found a place to hang out on Sunday mornings. I suppose my criteria are unreasonable. I’m looking for a community that’s actively inspiring people to display irrepressible compassion and irrational generosity. I’m searching for a place that’s full of people who find injustice of all sorts unconscionable and who are fully engaged in movements of reconciliation. I’m longing for somewhere that inhales and exhales Jesus and is quite unconcerned with being innovative but is deeply, deeply concerned with being counter-cultural. This shouldn’t be so difficult. 

In other news, we finally found our little house. It doesn’t meet our entire (ridiculous) list of demands, but it meets the most important one: It’s 1/3 the size of our current home. Also, it comes with access to a lake. Water is so, so good for me (and, consequently, for everyone around me). We close on the new place on May 5, and we officially let go of our current place on June 2. We’re currently sorting and purging and packing and it’s awful. Awful.  If you stop by, you’re likely to hear things like, “Can we host an after-prom party the same day the driveway’s getting repoured?” or “Wow, dude. That caulk line is on fleek!” or “NO, YOU DO NOT NEED TO KEEP THAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.”

Bekah’s graduating in a month. I pro’ly don’t need to say much more about that.

Although I’ve not been blogging much, I’ve been doing a little work on my children’s story. My characters (Milo and Hannah Miranda) are hilarious and beautiful. That may sound arrogant, but they’re hilarious and beautiful just because they are, not because I’m writing them that way. That makes sense, right?

Okay, that’s all I can offer today, friends. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how you are, okay?