This is Not a Resolution

If you’re a writer, you’ll know this trick:

“I’m going to Barnes and Noble, and I’m going to purchase the best-feeling, best-smelling, most hipster-looking journal I can find–preferably with a wrap-around leather strap–and I’m going to write. Not like all the other times I’ve bought a new journal and used only the first three pages, but really, really I’m going to do it.”

This new blog site is the digital version of that pipedream resolution.


  1. Jess Townes   •  

    1. I’m thrilled to see your new digital hipster journal and can’t wait to read more!
    2. There just aren’t even words for that centerpiece. This will have to suffice:

  2. Dru Nugent   •  

    Looking forward to following your blog.

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